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display features for Stinger VIP

XL Display for VIP

Posted on 13th November 2014 · Posted in Stinger VIP

If you love the functionality of the Stinger VIP but want something bigger for even easier interfacing through touch and vision, then Stinger have introduced the XL Display. The XL.. read more

Stinger radar 3.0

VIP 3.0 Mega Upgrade

Posted on · Posted in Stinger VIP

VIP 3.0 is a mega upgrade for all VIP users, available as a FREE download via Stinger Desktop VIP 3.0 gives target view screens, improved audio alerts, even better performance.. read more

quiet drive experience with stinger vip 3

Stinger licence protection

Posted on 4th November 2014 · Posted in Laser System

If you want the very best detection & protection system in the world look no further than the “Stinger Laser System”. With a multitude of industry-firsts and industry-only’s, Stinger is.. read more