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Stinger ‘Firsts & Only’s’.

For over twenty years Stinger has been developing cutting edge technology to protect drivers against speed traps. Stinger’s continuous commitment to boosting performances, enhancing ease of use and driving freedom has resulted in a whole range of Stinger firsts and only’s

Stinger Firsts Stinger Only’s
Phased Array Radar Antenna
Patch Antenna
Multi Polarity – Eliminating extremely low minimum ranges as seen in
Single Polarity horn antennas
Extreme resolution – Ensuring high accuracy and behind the decimal
point measurements (100 Khz resolution)
Integrated laser protection
Fully upgradable, expandable, modular system
Fully user updatable
Speed Sense
False List
Credit Card sized display
Side-Laser protection
Full Mac/PC integration through Stinger Desktop
Police Check – The only one with resolution high enough to
ensure reliable Police Check measurement
Laser Fiber
Car-to-car Laser SafetySignals
Integrated Mileage Logging
Flexibly applicable Radar / Laser Alerting
100% European Engineering