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Stinger VIP. VIP Protection

The VIP’s alerting system is revolutionary in its simplicity; quiet most of the time, but loud and clear when it needs to be, allowing you to fully focus on driving.



Simple pictograms and colour coding show when you can relax (green) need to be on suppressed alert (yellow) and full alert (red).


Cartronics can supply and fit the VIP Stinger into any make of vehicle; discretely so that your vehicle looks as good when it leaves us as when it arrives. Contact us for more details.

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VIP’s Unique Multi Polarity

VIP’s unique Multi Polarity HD Antenna. Conventional radar antennas can provide reasonable warning distances, but against modern low power or oppositely polarised radars they often fail. The VIP has been specifically designed to pick up these modern radars, with accuracy and sensitivity, plus the Multi Polarity antenna means it doesn’t matter how the radar is polarised.

This revolutionary accuracy offered by the Stinger VIP minimises false alerts by avoiding and suppressing irrelevant radar signals with scientific precision.


Protect your licence

The Stinger VIP is simply the best driving licence protection system in the world, why chance points on your licences when the VIP will keep a watchful eye on you whilst you drive. These systems have been used and tested in many types of vehicles from crazy cannonball & Gumball contestants, to professional drivers and every day drivers who wish avoid any more points on their licence. We are all aware of the hazards of the road, speed cameras, unmarked police cars, handheld guns including laser guns & average speed detection systems. It’s a way of life now, and the Stinger VIP now available to help you avoid some of these unwanted surprises. For the best detection, speed warning, licence protection in the world call NOW on 01932 800800.


Download the Stinger VIP user manual PDF

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