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Stinger 2.0


The secret lies in Stinger’s new HD Antenna, whose unrivalled accuracy makes it possible to quickly recognize the type of radar signal. Your Stinger will ignore ‘friendly’ radars and pretty much only alert for radars that really matter; including low power radars like the MRCD.

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Stinger VIP


The VIP’s alerting system is revolutionary in its simplicity; quiet most of the time, but loud and clear when it needs to be, allowing you to fully focus on driving.

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The Razor Thin Card


The Stinger Card has the look and feel of a credit card. Yet, it comprises a strong computer and operates the full power of the high-end Stinger technology.

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A modern classic. The winner of much critical acclaim, the DSI is as easy to use as it is powerful. The Stinger DSI comes with a compact graphic user interface with intuitively placed buttons.

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Stinger Desktop makes updating your Stinger simple and quick. But it also takes fully care of moving data from your Stinger to your Mac or PC.

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Laser HD


With more side-laser /lateral speed traps being used worldwide Stinger can also provide protection against them, with laser units the size of pin heads placed in a lateral position at the rear or front of a vehicle: Laser Fiber.

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Stinger Freedom Laser


The Stinger Freedom Laser is the latest weapon against modern road laser guns.
It offers the best laser shield technology available on the market, providing the driver peace of mind when driving. It integrates beautifully – and discretely – into any performance car whilst offering brilliant laser protection.

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