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Desktop Stinger Updates. Our Mac/PC Application for your Stinger

Stinger Desktop makes updating your Stinger simple and quick. But it also takes fully care of moving data from your Stinger to your Mac or PC. If you want to, Stinger Desktop is even an easy tool for completely managing your Mileage Logging and PoliceCheck data.


Easily update your Stinger

Just start up Stinger Desktop on your Mac or PC and hook up your display (Card or DSI) or Stinger USB key (VIP) to get the latest software updates. That’s all it takes to furnish your Stinger with the latest features* or to optimize it for the newest speed traps.


Total Control of your Mileage Logging and PoliceCheck Data

Need to track your Mileage Logging data to keep record of your driving history, or want the help of your PoliceCheck files in disputing an unjust fine? Simply use the Stinger Desktop to manage all your trip data: you can retroactively look up, store, sort, and print all the collected data.


*NOTE: Features and Functionality are only available where allowed.